Activate Cellular Healing with PEMF! Pulsed Electromagnetic Healing Therapy Device!

Activate Cellular Healing with PEMF 8000 Treatment’s!

With PEMF8000, and PEMF WELLNESS TECHNOLOGY we set a course to reach the impossible: relieve pain in one session for every possible condition. That meant narrowing hundreds of causes of pain down to one key factor and treating that factor just right, every time. The result is more than just a new PEMF machine. It is the pain management solution you’ve been looking for.

15 Minute Short Sessions up to 100% Pain Reduction up to 3x Faster healing Injury!

Recoverpemf electromagnetic healing Reduce Acute & Chronic Pain

Imagine one treatment for every kind of pain. Science knows pain conditions respond well to micro-current electricity but until now its application was limited to the body’s surface. We take it a step further, penetrating deeper into the tissue by delivering micro-current through short but powerful magnetic bursts. The cells soak up this energy as fuel, energizing their metabolism and pushing the body’s natural healing process into overdrive!

The result is much more than instant fascia release and relief from inflammation, stiffness, and soreness in the muscles and joints.

It means pain suffered for years, is finally manageable

“One PEMF Session Gives Powerful Results”

pemf electromagnetic healing cells

PEMF8000 20,000 Gauss 150 Maximum  Pulses Per Minute Magnetic Field Strength

More power means you get more impact out of every session. Our high-power magnetic field creates a stronger electric field that penetrates deeper into the treatment area.

This effectively concentrates months of low powered treatments into one powerful session,
which is why some call the results miraculous.

When you understand what you’re seeing is the cells’ metabolism quickly charge up and run the way it’s meant to, why would you settle for less?

Experience Fast & Lasting Relief

pemf electromagnetic healing

Rise time is the key to rapid results. If you think of PEMF 8000 pulse as thunder, its rise time would be lightning because that’s the electric shockwave that
penetrates the cell. The faster the rise time the more each pulse charges the mitochondria. Our rise time is in the nanoseconds, the fastest pulse in the industry. Which means we also give the most dramatic and lasting benefits.

Accelerate Injury Recovery

Accelerate Injury RecoveryStay on top of your game. From the moment
the cells receive a pulse the body’s natural
healing process goes into overdrive. And it
works on any injuries, old or new, that
receive sufficient energy.

Injuries to tissue, bones, ligaments, and
tendons heal an average of 3 times faster
than normal. Long-time injuries begin
recovering and, as a result, athletic
performance can reach new heights.
Because there’s no such thing as a
‘permanent’ injury anymore.


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About Charlie Farricielli

Charles E. Farricielli, President and Director Hello Fellow Alternative Health Advocate! Thank you so much for you interest in our PEMF8000. PEMF8000 helps to repair every disease known to man! We have dedicated clients that are Doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapy, Hospitals, Clinics, and Pain Centers and also include many Alternative Medicine consumers as well. Below I incorporated for you an abundance of info and links on PEMF Theory and Therapy and more. I have had many years of experience in the ELT Field, and have also successfully instructed and trained PEMF clients and Technicians through-out the world. You are welcomed to call me Anytime!. Allow me prove how our Device can help you today! Charlie (203) 214-5454 I'm in Connecticut! Warm regards, Charlie Farricielli I would like to answer any questions you might have, and assist with much more detailed information. Our new PEMF8000 Series is with-out doubt the most powerful and effective device on the planet! It's helping people through-out the world to be pain free and heal the immune system and numerous health related dilemmas! I have included many links and a great deal of information to help you understand the power and effectiveness of PEMF Therapy and Our PEMF8000 healing supremacy! I can assist you with my PEMF experience and understanding to accomplish your desires, amid training you and help you to heal any illness and achieve profound whole health with our PEMF 4000G3 Charles E. Farricielli founded a full service wholesale and retail florist business in West Haven, CT in 1975 called Farricielli's Flower City, and has served as the company's President since 1975. Mr. Farricielli established Rose Express, Inc. in 1989 to operate a Rose Express in New Haven, CT as a retail store specializing in the sale of fresh cut roses, floral bouquets, greeting cards and other gift items available at drive-through and walk-up windows for quick and convenient pick-up. Mr. Farricielli has served as President of Rose Express, Inc since its establishment. Mr. Farricielli has also held the positions of President and Director of the Franchisor, Rose Express Franchise Systems, Inc. since it was incorporated in June of 1990. Currently, Mr. Farricielli is a member of the National Florist Council, serves on the Board of Directors of Roses International, holds memberships in the West Haven, New Haven and Milford Chambers of Commerce, and belongs to the Society of American Florists Services. He has been nominated to serve on the Board of the Small Business National Association and the International Entrepreneurs Association. Mr. Farricielli has been honored for outstanding support to the National Leukemia Society, has received the City of West Haven Merit Award, has actively participated in other community and charitable causes such as National Diabetes Foundation and helped take part in the World Special Olympics with Mr. and Mrs. Shriver. Founder and Owner Charles Farricielli has been on a 32 year quest to serve his customers with the highest quality products in the World Rose Market. Mr. Farricielli has traveled abroad to touch and literally live with the rose growers of the world. Corvettes, Harleys are my toys! Also Master of Tai Chi Energy Qigong! Study with Gary Clyman! I have studied with Bob Proctor for yeras and he has personally mentored a great part of my life! That was before Bob was made famous in the movie "The Secret" We are still in touch! Avatar Master and teacher! Love the Mini S&P Futures Market! Collect antiquarian books by Robert Collier, Charles Haanell, and James Allen.. And most Important, My best friend on this planet and Universe is my beautiful daughter.."Ariana Gina"!!! All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas - not money. Robert Collier Any thought that is passed on to the subconscious often enough and convincingly enough is finally accepted. Robert Collier Every artist was first an amateur. Ralph Waldo Emerson No great man ever complains of want of opportunities. Ralph Waldo Emerson
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